The Story

Remnant 13 is an emotional story about a group of survivors broken by life’s circumstances set against  the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. The series is driven by Dr. Mark Downing’s attempts to rebuild a  relationship with his teenage daughter while keeping her and the other survivors alive and his search  for redemption in curing the disease he unleashed on his older daughter…… and maybe the world?

All my projects have been inspired by helping individuals bring their dreams to life! This production is nothing different! We have a great cast and crew who are both seasoned veterans of the industry as well as many young and aspiring actors/actresses and crew members looking to build their career. This project is the perfect platform for just that!

When Love and Death collide, who will survive?

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Get Involved

Do you want to be involved in helping Remnant 13 become a success? We have several opportunities where you can contribute, everything from become an extra or even a zombie advocate!