Zombie Quiz – Win $15

You can win up to $15 just by participating, no purchase necessary! Challenge yourself and your friends to a “Zombie Quiz”.

The rules are very simple and listed below:

How To Enter:

  1. View the Following Image on our Facebook Page – (https://www.facebook.com/remnant13series/photos/a.303419676675622.1073741828.282969152054008/440709146280007/?type=3&theater)
  2. Comment the Shows/Movies CORRECTLY for letters A-H (I is a bonus).
  3. Tag someone else and invite them to take the quiz!
  4. That’s it!

It’s that easy! We will do a Live Facebook Live drawing on Saturday June 17th @ 8:30 PM (CST) to determine the winner of this quiz!

Remember, in order to be eligible for the cash drawing you MUST Comment on the Facebook Photo Post, You MUST get all of the images/show/movies for letters A-H correct, and you MUST tag someone else and challenge them to take the quiz as well!

We will award $10 if you get all of letters A-H correct. However, if you also get letter (I) correct as well OR you “Like” our Facebook Page you will be eligible to win $15.



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